2008. október 19., vasárnap

Deep Fusion aka Adam Grande
Adam Magyar (Adam Grande) 1990. a July was born on 10 on Budapest. His affection for the music was big since his small age already.his style considering stands to the house the nearest.In 2004 in parties and he made the audience have fun with school programs. Budapesti BANK DANCE HALL received an invitation in 2005.On 2005 of his summers got acquainted Basscrasherrel on a mix competition, and onnantól a continuous invitation was received: On big circle one,Hajdunánáson,on Szentendre,Bank Dance Hall, Living Room,Desperados,Bázis and on other places having fun. Won his first mix competition, which Desperadosban was, in 2006 organizing. More Budapest and span the discs in a rural radio.Hands Up Base Productionbe started it on 2006 of his winters with which one knew several parties behind himself. With one of the association's members,Manieckel we digested one of Zombie Nation numbers joint. AkosBoy founded it with Deep Fusion Production friend on 2007 of his fronts-al in which the house tendency it is represented.more music was done than pl: Reverse Beat,Disco Stuff,Put Your Hands up in The air,from which several remixes were made. It asked them for 7. Némedi Parád on 2007 of his summers N.D.C on what more famous Hungarian dj is more performs, than pl: Dj Thomka [Bank Dance Hall], Dj Balage [E-klub].Grande Ricky Nowával prepared more music and a remix with his friend.
Where I moved till now:Némedi Parade (Alsónémedi)LivingRoom (Budapest)Desperados (Budapest)Bolero Music Pub (Budapest)Csillag Dance Club (Ócsa)Red Lions Pub (Cegléd)Kishíd Club (Cegléd)AH Restaurant (Budapest)Anonymus (Szentendre)Blue Monkey (Budapest)Bank Dance Hall (Budapest)Lido Disco (Gyula)Exist Disco (Halásztelek)Scarabeus (Budapest)Bázis (Budapest)Sing Sing (Szeged)Blue River Pub (Buapest)


Adam Grande - Reverse Beat
Adam Grande - Put Your Hands Up In The Air
Adam Grande - Feel The Way
Adam Grande - Disco Stuff
Adam Grande - A Long Night
Adam Grande - Boxing Training


Chill - Dont you Cry it (Adam Grande Remix)


Adam Grande - Robbie Rivera


Adam Grande - Offer Nissim


Adam Grande - The Fusion Show


Adam Grande - Summer Mix 2008


Adam Grande - Party Night